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and not discouraged by the rain one bit. >> i just moved back. i'm really happy to be here. and the rain isn't going to stop me. >> some days it's a little worse than others, but i'm from oregon so i'm used to the rain. >> reporter: for those looking past thanksgiving already we watched as these two big rigs rolled up carrying 1200 trees. we'll take you to an auto mechanic shop and show you how the rain, wind, this weather and the holiday are kind of jamming up business there. live in san rafel, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have significant weather out there in the pacific. take a look, live storm tracker shows you rain but also the massive system. most of the activity is going to fall north of this line. so the cold front lies pretty much right now just north of the bay area proper. up towards santa rosa coming in
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close. what you'll see is the heavier rain showers. that's the front. it's not moving. this thing is dragging. it's going to be slow. typically a front would roll through the bay area in a few hours. it's not. it's just sitting up there. you can see heavier rain just north up towards the fountain grove area. they're getting heavy rain. we'll head out towards the park area a little further south. you have a little bit of a break there as those showers are stopping around pepper road. you go south and there's not that much activity. we take another stop. we go over to napa. showers and light drizzle all day. those showers will pick up in the next couple of hours or so. this is a slow mover so the rest of the bay area going what's the big deal. i am seeing showers in places like out by the tunnel.
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we've seen them in oakland. drizzle in freemont and san francisco. that's not the main system. the main system gets here overnight tonight. suffice to say, we have wet on the roadways due to the drizzle ahead of this weather system. that's messing are traffic out there. i know a lot of folks getting ready to head out tomorrow. this front is going to linger into tomorrow morning. all those details back in a few minute. >> we are monitoring major delays at sfo. arriving flights are being delayed for up to nearly three hours because of a traffic management program that is in place due to the weather. that means some departing flights are also being impacted. at oakland and san jose airports there are 15-minute delays. and a reminder you can get weather updates by going to, look for the storm track sterling. >> the pilot of a small plane is recovering after making an
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emergency landing in a marsh. this happened around 11:00 a.m. the pilot was forced to make what they call a controlled crash. the aircraft hit a ditch and spun around. the pilot was the only person in the plane. neighbors who heard the plane take off say they realized something was wrong. >> heard this aircraft before and lost into the weather and this rain just about similar to what we're experiencing now. then heard the engine cut out. >> fire crews are checking the sight for possible fuel spills. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. developing news. about 30 minutes ago we heard of an agreement for operations to resume after a strike crippled the port operations all day long. eric rasmussen is live at the
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port. temperaturers sure boiled over. >> reporter: a lot of people fired from the people picketing to the drivers. there's a deal to go back to the bargaining table. the picket line is breaking up. a shuttle bus has arrived to take some of the workers back over to the airport where they're supposed to be having a party. in the last 30 minutes both sides with the help of the mayor of oakland came together, decided to go back to the bargaining table. operation could resume as early as 7:00. this comes after some truckers say this shut down of the port cost them hundreds of dollars today. frustrated drivers all laid on their horns trying to clear a picket line of union workers determined to shut down the port of oakland. a driver told us he was trying to get home to a sick wife. >> i can't go in the parking lot. >> reporter: you're saying this is different than trying to
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deliver something? >> i'm not delivering nothing. i'm going to park my truck until it's over with. >> unfortunately truckers are casualties. it's not their fault but the fight is not against truckers. >> reporter: do you feel bad about them not being able to work? >> absolutely. >> reporter: but members of seiu called this action a shot to protest what they consider unfair labor practices at the port of oakland. >> the idea of shutting down the port was to let them know we're serious. we don't feel like they've be taking us seriously. long shoreman at the port honored the strike so ships had no one to unload containers. port officials called it an unfortunate disruption. >> after about 8 months of association we reached a tentative agreement with which
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their membership rejected. >> reporter: back out here live the picket line is breaking up. union officials say they could be back at the bargaining table a couple times before the month is over. we're still gathering reaction to this late development. we're putting that together for 6:00. >> the port of oakland operates oakland international airport. workers there began picketing the 3:00 a.m. this morning hoping to capitalize on the holiday traffic. many of the picketers are food and beverage organizers who participated in solitarity with the janitors, security, electricians and maintenance workers. >> very frustrated. they dot same amount of work as we do and they don't have anything. >> viewers tell ktvu that lines inside the terminal were long, perhaps in part because of the strike. the worker say they plan to picket until 8:00 tonight. there's another strike going on in the bay area. the hospitals that are being
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affected and the reason why nurses have walked out. >> an accident on interstate 80 killed a woman when another car slammed into her disabled vehicle. this happened about 2:20 this afternoon on eastbound 80 just west of the willow avenue offramp. the chp told us an suv veered on to the right shoulder where it hit a disabled car. the car flipped. the victim's husband of the reportedly so upset he was trying to damage a patrol car but a chaplain arrived to calm him down. the backup at one point stretched all the way to richmond. the lanes were back open about one hour ago. >> this morning city crews were busy fixing water main breaks. there were four significant breaks, one in east san jose, two in redwood city and a fourth in pittsburgh. water officials say weak pipes often break when the warm weather turns cold. officials say the 6-inch pipe
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that broke had probably been in use since the 30s or 40s. residents say water was rushing down the street for about an hour and a half. about 10 homes ended up losing their water service until 9:00 this morning while crews were out repairing that pipe. >> more bloodshed in the gaza conflict as delicate cease fire talks continue. rita williams live in our newsroom. you talked with a former reporter who is in the middle of it all. >> reporter: that's right. the day began in the middle east with high hopes of a cease fire. it's now wednesday there and still no end to the week long violence. perhaps the last show of strength to help them at the bargaining table. both israel and palestinian militants in gaza traded air strikes and rocket attacks even as talks to end the violence intensified. and the death toll on both sides continued to rise. in gaza officials say air
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strikes have killed 133 palestinians including at least 54 civilians. hamas militants publicly killed six men today suspected of collaborating with israel. in israel a rocket strike today killed an 18-year-old soldier. the first israeli military fatality and the fifth person killed there since the current conflict began almost a week ago. >> it's difficult on the civilian population having to deal with the stresses of what feels like a war. >> reporter: that's the backdrop for the delicate cease fire talks. president obama reportedly talked for the third time in 24 hours are egypt's president who is trying to broker the deal. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in israel. >> the goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security of israelis and palestinians alike. >> reporter: about two hours
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ago i spoke with a cnn correspondent in jerusalem who says people on both sides want more than a temporary cease fire. >> all of this talk that is going to be this long or that long. they want a permanent solution. getting to that a very difficult thing to do. >> reporter: in the meantime people on both sides are willing now to settle for a period of calm until a cooler heads come up with a more lasting resolution. reporting live in the news room, rita williams. >> just go to and look in the video player list to view it. federal officials say four americans from southern california trained at a paint ball range and plan to join al qaeda. they told the fbi that would be officially trained in afghanistan then participate in
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violent gee jihad. -- one of them served in the u.s. air force. the fbi says the men planned to depart this month. >> a man is under arrest accused of molesting girls and offering them marijuana. san rafel police arrested jason edward clar yesterday. he's accused of the continuous sexual abuse of two girls under the age of 11, also taking lewd pictures of them and offering them marijuana. he has not seen the girls for about two years now. the girls told a parent about the allegations. clar is being held on $150,000 bail. san mateo county prosecutors filed new charges against a murder suspect to try to keep him in jail while they appeal the dismissal of a murder charge against him. they charged gregory elarms with possessing weapons while
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in jail. that increased his bail to a half million dollars. he confessed to the fatal shooting of activist david lewis but the judge dismissed the case saying that elarms wasn't given his miranda rights. prosecutors say they'll appeal the dismissal to the state attorney generals office. >> he's the winningest football coach in cal history. thousand he's looking for a new job. why the university says they fired coach tedford. >> why store owners say they have more than crime concerns about what's happening. w
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the man pulling in millions as the state's highest paid employee is fired. cal's football coach jeff tedford is out after 11 years. how it was more than athletics that figured into the decision. >> reporter: about two hours ago leaders here made it official that jeff tedford is
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out as head football coach. he's the winningest football coach in cal history. jeff tedford led the team for 11 seasons. >> his legacy is unquestioned. the current state of our program is not what our student athletes, fans and campus community deserve. >> reporter: coach tedford released this statement. >> i love coach tedford. coach tedford is the reason i'm here. >> reporter: a sophomore and offensive lineman at cal says the players were told this morning their coach was fired. news he says is bringing the team together. >> i would have liked to see coach tedford here. the coach i planned on finishing college with. you got to roll with the punches. >> reporter: although tedford will no longer be on the sideline he's left a lasting
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yet controversial on the stadium. >> we need to bring in somebody new to help with the stadium and to sell seats. it's going to continue to go down hill if the team doesn't improve. >> reporter: cal has hired a firm in the search for a new coach. cal's current graduation rate is 48%. the lowest in the pac-12. >> more details on jeff tedford. he has three years left on his contract. it was worth a total of $6.9 million. he went 5-3 in bowl games. the 2006 team won a share of the conference title. san francisco 49ers head coach met with doctors for a follow upflings to his heart procedure last friday. one day after the team's 32-7 victory over the chicago bears.
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harbaugh's followup comes after the 48-year-old coach underwent a minor procedure if she which he his heart shocked. >> a series of downtown burglaries has left shop owners wondering if police are going enough. police say burglars have targeted at least four antique stores since mid september. they've taken jewelry, silver and clocks. all of the burglaries happen overnight. that has led detectives to believe they're linked. shop owners are worried an increase in crime could scare awakas myrrhs. >> this is the very center of gilroy. it's difficult enough. it sets off people. they might go somewhere else to do their business. >> police say they have limited resources but they are increasing downtown patrols during overnight hours. plans are heating up to put solar energy park.
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almost 55,000 solar panels would be placed on vacant land next to the sonoma county airport. it could power 10,000 homes. the water agency owns the property and picks ed son of belmont to install the panels. >> yahoo may be making a bid for yahoo is considering spending up to $20 million for that site. provides television channel listings, news and entertainment. the site has up to 24 million visitors and almost 7 million mobile app users. the u.s. patent war between a.m. and samsung is going before the full u.s. international trade commission. it will review a ruling that found apple innocent. it will review the case against
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samsung. final rulings are expected in january and february. on wall street stocks finished flat after a warning about a the fiscal cliff. dow closed down about 7 points. >> thousands of people will enjoy a turkey dinner this thanksgiving thanks to the generosity of a family owned restaurant. >> happy thanksgiving. >> for the fifth year in a row the 1515 restaurant staged their free turkey give away today. the family along with friends and other businesses handed out 2000 turkeys. they raise money through an annual golf tournament and get help from the community. >> we're blessed. we've been very fortunate through our lives. if we can give back, that's why we do it. >> the volunteers distributed the turkeys at the restaurant. >> all around the bay we've been seeing some rain. according to our chief meteorologist bill martin this
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is not the main event. >> just the stuff ahead of the front. the moisture out there is low level moisture bumping up against the coastal hills. making the roadways wet as you go into this afternoon commute. the real rain is not coming till 10:00, 11:00 tonight. we're looking at showers. couple live radars going on the davis radar and radar in santa cruz going. santa rosa you see the heaviest rain. rainfall rate in this cell which is kind of out towards st. he lee that. that's significant. napa area, light showers as well. making a mess of your afternoon commute. out here along the avenue, the great highway. there's been drizzle out there
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all day. roadways are wet. there's 19th right there. you're wet. south towards san jose. you're cloudy indrisesly as well. the real rain has not gotten here. you think it's coming through. that's not the case. it's going to take boy, five, six hours for this thing to roll through the bay area. i got these up only because these are automated. it shows me all that south wind. how much wind we're going to most likely see tonight. winds gusting from 15 to 20 miles an hour. the latest commuters model through the next few hours. tonight we have showers hung up on the north coast. here we are at 7:00. look where it's up there. continuing to rain. they've had a half inch.
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we get into 11:00 at night, back here for the 10:00 news. it's starting to rain now in san francisco. starting to rain in richmond. showers in oakland. this thing is barely moving. the rest of it moves through for parts of the evening and into the morning commute. we'll break it all down. we'll run the model into the holiday weekend and the five- day forecast. >> a new list of dangerous toys was released. find out which toys made the list and also how they could potentially harm your child. >> a costly mistake. the revelation by hewlett- packard that sent its stock tumbling.
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a new list of dangerous toys released. the concerns range from choking to hearing loss. david stevenson shows us some of the toys that made the list. >> reporter: it's a sound that's anything but music to the ears of toy safety advocates. they released the trouble in toyland list. a survey of toys it says are hazardous to children and adolescents. >> we must protect america's tiniest consumers. >> reporter: about half of the 200 toys had problems. they include this piece of plastic fruit which could find its way into a toddler's wind pipe. this action figure contains an
5:26 pm
unlawful amount of lead. >> there was 180 parts per million. the current standard is no more than 100 parts per million. >> reporter: powerful magnets that can be swallowed for children. >> when two magnets are in a child's abdomen, because they're so strong they'll find each other. >> reporter: noisy toys can cause hearing loss in children. >> this guitar tests at 93- decibels. 85-decibels is the maximum recommended strength. >> reporter: the hope is warnings about common and not so common hazards will prompt parents will be more careful. >> we posted the entire list of toys on our website you'll find it by clicking on hot topics and choosing web links. >> the man behind elmo has
5:27 pm
resigned. today sesame workshop announced the resignation of kevin clash citing the controversy around his personal life as a dismissal traction. a 24-year-old man accused clash of sexually abusing him when he was just 15 years old. another man accused clash. hewlett-packard is taking a charge after stunning wall street by disclosing' massive accounting scandal. hp says it discovered serious accounting improprieties. the ceo says executives responsible have left the company. hp is taking the charge to align the accounting value of autonomy with its real value. >> as the engineers say the harp is now fully tuned. that story still ahead. >> angry nurses on the picket line.
5:28 pm
what we've just learned that may add fuel to their contract dispute. uz
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you are looking at the biggest strongest bridge of its kind on earth. a live picture here as the new bay bridge hits a major milestone. the new eastern span of the bay bridge has passed its biggest test of all. what this feat means for drivers over the long haul. >> reporter: the new eastern spans main cable holds 104 suspender cables. eight crews spent weeks jacking each cable into place. anchoring each one with
5:31 pm
remarkable precision and force. it's a process called tuning the harp. >> there was never any question that the bridge would hold itself up. the question was whether when they picked it up would they pick it up right the first time or would we need to be tuning it and tuning it and tuning it. >> reporter: now clear of the temporary structure to erect the bridge the span weighing more than 32,000 tons as reached a crucial milestone. >> this is going to be the largest self-anchored suspension bridge in the world. today it is. the bridge is holding itself up. >> reporter: you can better understand how much weight is involved. it's holding up the equivalent weight of the aircraft carrier hornet. a massive ship. to protect the cable it'll be covered in a thick zinc paste. then steel. then several coats of paint. all to make sure it lasts for more than a century.
5:32 pm
a century filled with a wide range of weather, salt air and earthquakes. >> that's one of the biggest challenges all of our steel bridges have. >> reporter: the harp is now fully tuned and can stand on its own. tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. >> tesla has won a battle. a massachusetts judge denied a request for an injunction to stop tesla from selling its cars in boston. dealer groups and the massachusetts state automobile dealers association are suing tesla. the issue is that tesla semis its cars directly to customers through online portals in stores. massachusetts is one of 48 states which bans or restricts car factories from owning dealerships. 37 states reported lower jobless rates last month.
5:33 pm
the labor department reports unemployment fell below 7% in 23 of the 50 states. california's jobless rate slipped from 10 # .2 to 10.1%. the biggest drop was in south carolina where the jobless rate fell from 9.1 to 8.6%. nationwide unemployment rose slightly. >> house cleaner has been accused of stealing from homes are she worked. martha quintero-ramirez was arrested. the victim called police after noticing that jewelry, money and prescription drugs were missing. officers say she had worked at various homes on the peninsula and in the south bay. a jury has recommended the depth penalty for the man who killed two people at the bridge toll plaza. they than burris could have
5:34 pm
been sentenced to life without parole. but they close the death penalty. he shot his ex-girlfriend and her friend in august of 2009. burris crepted himself at the trial. he called the killings justified and laughed through much of the proceedings. >> for the seventh time in three months nurses and healthcare workers are on strike this evening here in the bay area. john fowler has a closeup look at the issues and what happens next. >> reporter: in just the last few minutes my sources have confirmed that sutter delta health center has actually already implemented some of those disputed contract provisions. that's angered some of these nurses here. although it is allowed by law, four nurses have lost their health benefits. they want hospitals to drop their demands for concessions. hospitals say emergency, surgery, and patient care remain normal with replacement
5:35 pm
nurses filling in. despite noisy protests health debates say 60% of scheduled nurses came to work. at biggest hospital summit a claimed 80% crossed the picket line. strikers say it's the principle. >> everything would have changed if we accept the take aways they have put on the table. >> reporter: no free healthcare for part timers, fewer sick days off and lower pay for new hires. given today's economics the offer is fair. >> that's really in line with police, fire, teachers. >> reporter: nurses struck 10 hospitals today. two in san jose. eight are sutter. >> stub born with us and less cooperative. >> reporter: hospitals say healthcare reforms are making it tougher now, especially for nonprofit. >> it's our responsibility to be as efficient and effective as possible with that
5:36 pm
healthcare dollar. >> reporter: although the strikes are scheduled for just one or two days some hospitals plan to lock nurses out until sunday. that hospitals say allows them to hire the best replacements. >> there may be a decision by tomorrow on whether or not to stop workers from walking out on walmart stores on black friday. walmart requested that the board stop worker walkouts which are expected to culminate on friday which is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. today a spokesperson for the nlrb said the board expects to complete an investigation into the charges of unfair labor practices by tomorrow. a woman walks right up to a front porch and steals a package and some donated food. what's interesting here is where police have now posted this video to try and catch her. >> the effects of superstorm
5:37 pm
sandy could be felt by travelers headed to the east coast for the holiday. the crunch that storm has created nearly a month after it hit. >> the ktvu ipad app is ready to download so you take channel 2 with you for the holiday. drive time traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news any time anywhere. q
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freemont police are asking for your help in find ago woman who stole a package and some food off someone's front porch. this video caught the theft about 1:00 p.m. last saturday at a home on meyer park circle. 20 minutes after ups made a delivery that woman walked right up and took the package. she took a bag of canned goods left out for a charity drive. police have posted this video on youtube to try to catch her. freemont investigators say this is actually the first time they've used youtube to ask for the public's help in solve a crime. >> there's a new warning on a story we first reported back in may about the small colorful laundry detergent packets. some of the chemicals are toxic and need to be kept away from children.
5:41 pm
this year alone it's received reports of some 500 incidents of injuries from ingesting the chemicals. the nation east largest group of ob/gyns says birth control pills should be sold over the counter. the support could boost long- time efforts by women's advocates to make the pill more accessible. birth control companies would have to seek government permission to sell over the counter. >> there is yet another side effect of superstorm sandy that's now affecting holiday travelers. this a shortage of rental cars. for thanksgiving travelers heading to the northeast if you haven't rented a car yet you are likely going to be out of luck. the storm damaged thousands of cars including rentals. and thanksgiving and christmas are normally busy rental periods and lingering mass transit problems caused by sandy have added to the demand. of the few cars that are
5:42 pm
available they are now carrying a hefty premium. >> only on 2 an airport security screening gone wrong. how a teenaged girl was proofly left topless and what happened to the tsa agent. >> live storm tracker 2 showing rain further south. as we go into the evening hours rain headed your way. all the details on a wet weather forecast.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
an airport screening incident briefly left a
5:45 pm
teenaged girl topless in public. she's the niece of a u.s. congressman. in a story you'll see only an 2, how it happened and how it's triggered a federal investigation. >> reporter: her uncle says she was traveling from classmates in southwest christian school in texas through los angeles' lax airport. the 17-year-old girl was wearing a sun dress then pulled aside for a pat down screening. during the pat down of her stomach area her sun dress slipped revealing her dress in public. there is surveillance void video of this incident. we'll show you a copy of the report which is says this incident was embarrassing and unfortunate. the agency argues also accidental. turns out the girl's uncle is a u.s. congressman. ralph hall.
5:46 pm
they called for a federal probe of the case. it happened two years ago. we just on stained records of that probe. we also found u.s. air passengers filed 17,000 complaints with tsa about enhanced patdowns. a traveler complained about a rude, inappropriate security officer. via skype we found a breast cancer survivor with a double mastectomy -- >> we're being touched inappropriately and you're looking at this is the law. >> reporter: aviation security consultant who defends tsa's -- saying terrorists will use anyone. can tsa just stop screening 17- year-old girls with ??? they can't. they have no problem using younger kids. any time you say this is a group that's not going to be screened. >> reporter: the congressman told us he wanted the officer
5:47 pm
fired. it apologized and gave the officer more training. >> more labor turbulence may be coming for a mange airline. u.s. air flight attendants authorized a strike. the flight attendants union are associating a long overdue contract. they're angry they do not have the same contract as america west workers seven years after the airlines merged. if the talks break down there would be a 30 day cooling off period. if you had to guess which airlines have the healthiest choices when it comes to in flight snacks and food. calorie information and health ratings for each airline. virgin america earned the top spot with the healthiest choices with air canada and alaska air not far behind.
5:48 pm
american airlines and jetblue are improving. >> a man is facing charges he embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from his former employer. randy laquay is charged. prosecutors say he was an accountant for ryan associates. they say he wrote $219,000 worth of checks to himself. money that was supposed to go to the employment development department. >> nasa says they have found what could be a huge planet outside of our solar system. it was spotted with a nasa telescope. nasa says it orbits a star 170 light years away. they also say it's possibly a brown dwarf star. nasa captured a tsunami erupting on the sun. you can see the giant loop of
5:49 pm
glowing red plasma. scientists say it doesn't appear to be aimed at earth. when pointing in the earth's direction those flares can sometimes pose a threat to satellites and astronauts in orbit. >> market street is less than 45 minutes away from getting dressed up for the holidays. lighting snow flake decorations on lamp posts. what we're showing you here is video from last year. the event is set to start at 6:30 right at the cable car turn around. this is the fifth annual snowflakes on market event. they'll stay lit through mid january. >> let's talk about our weather. it's been raining on and off pretty much all day. the main course is still coming up. >> if you ask around it's not raining everywhere. i talked to folks in clayton who haven't had any rain. some areas have seen no rain. others have seen a bit. it's been this light drizzle. the weather system is getting
5:50 pm
here. it's starting to move further south. it's making its way south down towards the napa area. come closer, we have a little bit of activity. this is still ahead of the front. it's wet. this is getting wet out there. you're out towards west portal. sunset district see it hitting there. showers. it's wet on the road. this is real rain. the rain is coming down light to moderate. the rest of the stuff you're getting in places like redwood city or palo alto is light drizzle event that is slowing things down. here's how it shakes out tonight. we have showers moving in. the rain is on its way. i suggest somewhere between 7, 8, 9, 10:00 tonight that front will make passage. the rest of the bay area by late tonight. here we are tonight. you see the thing starting to move. at 10:00 it's just, should be a little further to the south than this. not much.
5:51 pm
it's still hung up. as you get into the overnight hours there's midnight. then it moves at t 3:00 a.m. the timing on this is a bear. the rainfall accumulations are pretty light. there's a lot of moisture but the accumulations in the north bay, they're under an inch of rain. into tomorrow morning. i suspect there might be some wet roadways. some leftover moisture. the dynamics will have pushed through. like this morning we could see showers around 10:00 a.m. see showers around 7:00 a.m. tracking these showers because wednesday is the big deal. it's a big get away day for many. rainfall accumulations as you get into the north bay. everybody else quarter of an inch, half inch, three quarters of an inch. the five day forecast shakes like this. a few showers in the morning. when you get ready for your holiday week which i hope you folks have it off the weather
5:52 pm
looks great. it's going to dry up. the main event tonight. stay with us. it'll move through the bay area by the time of the 10:00 news. >> we'll be with you. >> thousands of san francisco children fall victim to this every year. the steps the city is taking to help them heal. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
5:53 pm
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promising news in the fight against aids. according to the united nations because of better access to drugs the eradication of aids is now in sight. the un says success in fighting the disease has allowed for the foundation to belay for the eventually end of aids. a lot of people are still dying from aids. 1.7million people died from aids last year. that is down from the peak of 2.3 million people who died in 2005. >> san francisco's district attorney joined with child advocates to announce new help for children affected by violence. the da says the drama can lead to anxiety, depression or cause a child to engage in destructive behavior. >> the trauma lasts a lifetime. with a little bit of prevention and a little bit of assistance
5:56 pm
we can repair the harm. we can ensure that people that have been traumatized can actually go on to live very productive lives. >> the san francisco child abuse prevent center says about 10,000 children are exposed to violence every year in san francisco. those victims can receive up to $5000 in counseling services, oakland police credit cell phone tracking technology for helping them arrest three suspected armed robbers. police tell us two women were robbed of their cell phones at gunpoint. officers used electronic tracking apps from the victim's cell phones to find the suspects. the three young men were carrying a replica handgun. >> poor children in mexico may be left without jackets this winner. mexican border agents took donated jackets from a mac as he was driving across the
5:57 pm
border. he's made the drive every november for the past six years. this time he was stopped, detained and fined $650 after mexican officials said he traveled through the wrong line lanes. >> as soon as the vote was taken people started stripping off their clothes right inside city hall. coming up in 2 minutes the new city law that prompted this unusual protest. >> at 5:00 we showed you striking workers breaking up their picket line. the new talks set to rep solve this labor dispute. you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family.
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you just ate dallas! this is not a legitimate government. >> naked and angry, the controversial decision that prompted people to strip right inside city hall. >> significant rain is heading our way. we are tracking the storm and we'll tell you where the heaviest rain is right now. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. as soon as city leaders approved a ban on public nudity people started stripping off their clothes. david stevenson is live with the angry

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